Docker Basics to Advanced (DCA) & Kubernetes

” Docker Basics to Advanced “ Container Deep Dive: Docker Certified Associate(DCA) & Certified Kubernetes Application Developer(CKAD Curriculum V1.20) What you’ll learn All 250+ pages of course material available as downloadable PDF. Why Docker container and What is Docker container.… Continue Reading

Git and GitHub from scratch

What you’ll learnWhat is Git and how to use itUsing GitHub – creating, uploading, cloning ant updating repositoryUsing command line interpreter – Git Bash and PowershellWorking with GitHub in Visual Studio CodeUploading a project to GitHub and GitHub Pages RequirementsHTML… Continue Reading


Running Jenkins on AWS (2021)

Running Jenkins on AWS (2021)

arn how to create and move a master instance of Jenkins to the cloud-based servers of AWS (Amazon Web Services). In this course, instructor Michael Jenkins covers steps for setting up Jenkins, creating a build environment, connecting with webhooks, using… Continue Reading