LPIC-1 – Linux System Administrator Masterclass

” Linux System Administrator Masterclass” For actual 101-500 and 102-500 LPI exams What you’ll learn:Preperation for both of the LPIC-1 exams 101 and 102 in actual version 5.0.Linux administrationDetermine and configure hardware settingsBoot the systemChange runlevels / boot targets and… Continue Reading

Redhat System Administration I – SA1 (RHEL8)

” Redhat System Administration Tutorial “ Prepare for first level of Redhat Exam and gain sufficient skill to perform core system administration tasks What you’ll learn:About Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8Installation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8Accessing the command line… Continue Reading

Redhat System Administration II – SA2 (RHEL8)

” Redhat System Administration Tutorials “ Key tasks needed to become a full time Linux Administrator and to validate those skills via the Red Hat Certified System What you’ll learn:Scheduling Future TasksPractice QA for Redhat Linux EXAM-200Adjusting Tuning ProfilesControlling Access… Continue Reading

Reverse Engineering And Exploit Development In Linux

Computer Architecture, File Structure, Assembly And C Programming Language, Reverse Engineering And Exploit Development What you’ll learn: Computer Architecture Assembly Langauge C Programming Language Reverse Engineering Exploit Development Memory Organization File Structure File Structure In Linux Elf Files Segment And… Continue Reading

Learning Path – Vim Masterclass

This learning path covers the Vim text editor, covering a range of techniques and practices designed to get you up and running with Vim in no time! Each course within the learning path contains exercises that you can follow along… Continue Reading

Linux for Beginners 2021 : Become Power User

What you’ll learn Learn the Linux Command Line from Scratch.Getting Complete Understanding of Linux.Master the fundamentals of the Linux operating system .Learn the Linux Filesystem Hierarchy.Master Linux Power full text editor Vim.Manage users on a Linux system.Get started as a… Continue Reading


Linux High Availability Clustering by Shikhar Verma

Linux High Availability Clustering Design and deploy a high availability cluster to provide active/passive or active/active services using HA Pacemaker What you’ll learn:Students should understand HA cluster concepts and how to manage different nodes, start/stop servicesCreating High-Availability ClustersManaging Cluster Nodes… Continue Reading


Become a Master Commander and a Linux Power User

Become a Master Commander and a Linux Power User

Learn to use Linux comfortably What you’ll learn: Basic Linux CommandIntermediate Linux CommandAbout Flie PermissionsAbout Disk managementNetworking on LinuxSofware ManagementSystem AdministrationBash Shell ScriptingCreate A Project Requirements Nothing about LinuxComputer Basic KnowledgeInternet access Description Linux is a family of open-source Unix-like… Continue Reading